Seminars & Classes

Iaido is beneficial to both men and women by enhancing concentration and awareness. Iaido's non-strenuous exercises build strength, flexibility and promote a sense of well being.

It is a non-combative art with no body contact. The challenge is to master the art of Iaido, not to compete with other students. The student starts by using a wooden practice sword (bokken) to learn Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido.

 Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido Seminars
At this time, I am teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced seminars only – focusing on the styles of Shindo Munen Ryu and Keshi Ryu that are not often taught in Iaido and Aikido dojos. It is a pleasure for me to introduce students to new styles.

Please email Sensei Fein at to ask about upcoming seminar dates and if you have any questions about the Makoto Dojo and our practice of Muso Shiden Ryu Iaido. Ages 15 and up, no experience necessary.

Keishi Ryu Seminar

Beginners Only Seminar – No experience necessary
Sensei Fein will begin the seminar by introducing Iaido basics and then go on to Keishi Ryu (the five standing kata)

Date & Location TBA

Please contact Sensei Fein at  if you have any questions. Ages 15 and up

Equipment for Seminars or Classes

To start, you will need
1. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing and thick socks or tabi socks, as this will enable you to perform the Iaido kata movements more easily. Hakama, and Keikogi aren't necessary for beginning students, but If you already own an iaito (practice sword) Keikogi, Hakama, and traditional Iaido obi (aprox 3.5 x 149 inches) I recommend that you bring them to the seminar.
2. An equipment package – 41 inch bokken (wood practice sword), saya (scabbard) and a double wrap, size 9, white obi will be needed for use during a seminar or class.
Please contact Sensei Fein if you want information about purchasing equipment.

 Bokken with Saya

Bokken with Saya